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Hdpe Pipes for sale in Philippines

Features of polyethylene pipe Polyethylene pipe is a practical and durable solution for a country house, vacation home or business. This material, unlike metal, cast iron or concrete, has a smooth internal structure that ensures a fast and uninterrupted flow of liquid substances. In addition, because there is no roughness on the inside, there is

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Puhui pipe and fittings won the bid for 25 MW biomass power plant project in Philippines

Last October 17, a fleet of PN25 225mm, 160mm fire protection pipes and fittings was started at the Puhui Pipeline plant and will be delivered to customers in La Calota, Negros Island, Philippines. Puhui PN25 225mm, 160mm Fire Fighting pipe and fittings were sent to La Carlota, Negros Island, Philippines The NNBP 25MW

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High quality HDPE pipe manufacturer in Philippines

hdpe pipe is a kind of pipeline for transporting liquid and gas, hdpe pipe is generally processed and manufactured by using new environmentally friendly materials, the biggest advantage of hdpe pipe is the light quality of the product, good heat insulation, strong heat preservation ability, moisture-proof, flame retardant effect, high toughness of hdpe pipe, strong

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Puhui HDPE pipes replace the cast iron pipes projects in Philippines

Last tow month ago our Clients in Philippines completed the first water main pipe burst in Cambodia replacing a 1932 6” cast iron main with HPDE pipe. This trenchless method saved time, money, disturbance, and restoration costs. Great first project, looking forward to replacing many more this way!

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Puhui Custom large diameter Hdpe pipes in Philippines

Puhui Custom Large Diameter Hdpe Pipes and Fittings are used in a wide range of marine projects such as: marine outfall pipes, marine aquaculture pipes, marine parallel strings, etc. Custom large diameter Hdpe pipes in Philippines Last year Puhui exported 15 km of Large Diameter Hdpe Pipes to the Philippines for marine parallel strings, each

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