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What is the difference between PE63, PE80 and PE100?

The most important differences between PE63, PE80 and PE100 are density and the minimum required strength MRS (Minimum Required Strength). MRS is the calculated circumferential tensile stress (circular) in the pipe wall when the pipe ruptures 50 years after being continuously applied to the polyethylene resin pipe wall. Comparison of PE63, PE80 and PE100 Hdpe

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What is the meaning of HDPE pipe?

Hdpe pipe is a kind of pipe made of high density polyethylene .HDPE pipe is the replacement of traditional steel pipe and PVC drinking water pipe. Hdpe pipe Characteristics LDPE resin has low tensile strength, poor pressure resistance, poor rigidity, poor dimensional stability during molding and processing, and difficult connection, so it is not suitable

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Puhui largest Hdpe bellows project in Cambodia

A great day to be on site at one of Cambodia's largest Hdpe bellows projects going right now. We had thousands of feet metters HDPE pipe on this fulfillment center project going in by the Cambodia power station. I would like to say a special thanks to Cambodia goverment and Associates Engineering for letting us

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Chemical plant Pakistan Service Liner HDPE pipes excavation

Puhui industry have successfully completed a liner installation project for a Pakistan chemical company. This work entailed excavating and backfilling ditches, installing HDPE piping, and HDPE liner. The crew worked safely to complete the job with no incidents and meet the project deadlines.

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Puhui HDPE pipes replace the cast iron pipes projects in Philippines

Last tow month ago our Clients in Philippines completed the first water main pipe burst in Cambodia replacing a 1932 6” cast iron main with HPDE pipe. This trenchless method saved time, money, disturbance, and restoration costs. Great first project, looking forward to replacing many more this way!

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Features and applications of Hdpe pipe

From the molecular structure (C2H4) point of view, the molecular structure of PE is the simplest polymer, In the development of Hdpe pipe, it continuous to overcome shortcomings, Hdpe pipe butt fusion welding, requires a certain operating space and skilled operation technology. Later, an electrofusion welding machine was invented, that is, two pipe sections or

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HDPE Natural Gas Pipe

Puhui HDPE gas pipe adopts high-quality polyethylene raw materials from well-known domestic and international enterprises, and uses German professional extrusion equipment, according to different customer needs, we could manufacture HDPE gas pipe and fittings which are conformed to ISO, ASTM, AS/NZS standards. Polyethylene pipes are usually classified into PE80 and PE100 according to the grade

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HDPE Dredging Pipe

Puhui HDPE dredging pipe are used to the removal of material (sludge, mud, sand and sediment) from the depths of the oceans, seas, harbors, lakes and rivers and the ponds. Due to its advantages of high chemical and mechanical resistance against hot and humid weather conditions and sea salt and chemicals to be ineffective, polyethylene pipes

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