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Hdpe gas pipeline characteristics, dimensions and connection methods

The following grades of low pressure polyethylene are used for gas pipelines: PE100+, PE100, PE80. PE63 is usually not used. Permissible pressures are respectively 2.0, 1.6 MPa, 1.25 MPa (with maximum wall thickness, with other thickness may be lower values of nominal pressure). Numbers 100 and 80 indicate the minimum long-term strength in bar (0.1

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Puhui Hdpe Gas Pipe for Sale In Nepal

Puhui Hdpe gas pipeline entered the Nepal market as early as 2015, and through cooperation with some local suppliers, we have won many international bidding projects and also had many cooperation with the Nepalese government and won a good reputation, which has accumulated rich experience for us to go to the international market.

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HDPE Natural Gas Pipe

Puhui HDPE gas pipe adopts high-quality polyethylene raw materials from well-known domestic and international enterprises, and uses German professional extrusion equipment, according to different customer needs, we could manufacture HDPE gas pipe and fittings which are conformed to ISO, ASTM, AS/NZS standards. Polyethylene pipes are usually classified into PE80 and PE100 according to the grade

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