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HDPE Electrofusion Reducer Coupling

PUHUI's HDPE Electrofusion Reducer Coupling is used to join two different diameters of HDPE pipes to reduce the existing pipe diameter. The electrofusion fittings are tested for use with PE80 and PE100 pipes of various

HDPE Electrofusion Coupling

PUHUI's HDPE Electrofusion Coupling is suitable for industrial pressure applications such as water and gas. The sleeves offer a wide combination of possibilities and are easy to assemble. Fittings with 4 mm contacts ensure a

HDPE Electrofusion End Cap

PUHUI's electrofusion caps are used to seal the ends of HDPE pipes. Made of PE100 material with a precisely molded energized coil of wire, it ensures uniform melting of the strongly electrofused joint and minimizes

HDPE Electrofusion Reducing Tee

PUHUI HDPE electrofusion reducer tees are used to add a smaller size outlet to a PE pipe. Electrofusion reducer tees are typically used to supply water or gas from a main to an area because

HDPE Butt Fusion End Cap

March 6th, 2021|0 Comments

Injection molded HDPE butt fusion end cap for HDPE pipe, SDR11 and SDR17 dn20-630mm new material caps, competitive wholesale price, regular size spot, can also be customized, on time delivery. PUHUI HDPE butt fusion fittings

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