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Notes on the installation of hdpe water pipe

The excavation and backfill of pipe groove are very important when PE water supply pipe is installed. Whether the standard of excavation and backfill directly affects the installation effect and the service life of PE water supply pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to implement it in accordance with the construction specifications as far as possible.

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How to connect hdpe water supply pipe?

HDPE water supply pipes due to its own advantages are widely used in construction water supply and drainage, underground sewage pipeline, building heating, industrial pipeline and other field. The connection method includes butt fusion and electrofusion, we usually use butt fusion to connection. Regarding to the specific connection mode, we summarized as the following points.

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HDPE Electrofusion Pipe Fittings Installation Guide

Electrofusion welding tools Electrofusion welding machine, pipe cutting machine, scraper, grinding machine, ruler, marking pen, extrusion welding gun, plastic welding wire (for sealing). Electrofusion Fittings Installation steps Preparation Check that the power supply is within the range required by the welding machine, especially the generator voltage. Check whether the wire capacity meets the requirements of

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Features and applications of Hdpe pipe

From the molecular structure (C2H4) point of view, the molecular structure of PE is the simplest polymer, In the development of Hdpe pipe, it continuous to overcome shortcomings, Hdpe pipe butt fusion welding, requires a certain operating space and skilled operation technology. Later, an electrofusion welding machine was invented, that is, two pipe sections or

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How to Purchase Hdpe pipes?

HDPE pipe performance depends on the quality of raw materials, processing equipment and processing technology control. There are many non-standard manufacturers in the market for the pursuit of profit, reduce costs, do not hesitate to add the recycled material to production, which directly affects the performance of the pipe. How to Purchase Hdpe pipes? and

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