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HDPE pipe welding machine, also known as HDPE pipe fusion machine or HDPE pipe welding equipment, is a kind of heat fusion machine designed for HDPE pipes. The molecular structure is reorganized by fusing the surface of the pipe end (or pipe fitting end), so HDPE pipes (or HDPE pipe fittings) are joined together.
PUHUI can provide various models of HDPE pipe welding machine for pipe diameter dn20-dn1200mm.

HDPE pipe welding machines can be divided into three categories

HDPE pipe butt fusion welding machine
HDPE pipe butt fusion welding machine is the most common machine used for HDPE pipe welding, which can cover almost all diameters larger than 50mm.
The butt welding process is carried out by HDPE pipe butt welding machines, using a heating plate to fuse the two flat ends of HDPE pipe (or fittings) together, then removing the heating plate and finally pressing the two pieces together and cooling them under pressure to form the desired bond.

HDPE pipe electrofusion machine
HDPE pipe electrofusion machines are usually designed and used for HDPE electrofusion fittings that PUHUI can provide.
HDPE electrofusion fittings have been implanted with brass coils surrounding both ends. HDPE pipe electrofusion machine heats the brass coils so that they melt the inner surface of the fitting and the outer surface of the pipe, so the HDPE molecular structure is re-bonded together.

HDPE pipe socket fusion machine
HDPE pipe socket fusion machine is mainly used for fusion of small diameter pipes of dn20-110mm

Advantages of HDPE Welding Machine

  • Suitable for PP, PB, PE, PVDF thermoplastic material of pipes and fittings in ditches or on site operation.

  • From the rack, cutter, heating plate and attachment bracket composition.

  • Manufactured by high-strength lightweight materials together.

  • Labor-saving, high work efficiency.

  • Machine’s major components made by aluminum, than the foundry, steel lighter, firm, smooth.

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