Puhui HDPE gas pipe adopts high-quality polyethylene raw materials from well-known domestic and international enterprises, and uses German professional extrusion equipment, according to different customer needs, we could manufacture HDPE gas pipe and fittings which are conformed to ISO, ASTM, AS/NZS standards. Polyethylene pipes are usually classified into PE80 and PE100 according to the grade of raw materials used. PE gas pipe has high seismic performance, resistance to slow crack growth, resistance to rapid cracking, flexibility and scratch resistance.

PE100 pipe dominates the market and is suitable for a variety of different construction environments. It has a high pressure bearing capacity and is mostly a medium and large diameter straight pipe. PE80 pipe has good flexibility, mostly for medium and small diameter coils.

PE gas pipe has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe foundation, strong wear resistance, and they could be used in a variety of trenchless methods, which is greatly convenient for construction and installation. The system cost is low, the maintenance cost is less, and the project cost can be greatly reduced.

Benefits Of HDPE Natural Gas Pipes

  • CORROSION RESISTANCE.HDPE is chemically inert. It has good resistance to most solvents and chemicals that it is likely to encounter in dry natural and manufactured gas distribution services.
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE.The polyethylene resin contains 2%-3% of finely divided carbon black. This provides the black color for HDPE pipe. Carbon black is the most effective additive for enhancing the weathering characteristics of polyethylene pipe. HDPE can be safely stored outside in most climates for periods of many years without danger of loss of physical properties due to ultraviolet (UV) exposure.
  • SLOW CRACK GROWTH RESISTANCE.Slow crack growth resistance is a valuable characteristic, which provides long lasting performance under long-term stress.
  • Static Electricity.High static electricity charges can develop on polyethylene piping products, especially during squeeze-off, when repairing a leak, purging, making a connection, etc. So we add special anti-static component into the raw material. Where a flammable gas atmosphere and static electric charges may be present, observe all company (pipeline operator, utility, contractor, etc.) safety procedures for controlling and discharging static electricity and all requirements for personal protection.

Specifications Of PE 100 Natural Gas Pipes




DN, mm

Minimum Wall Thickness(emin.mm)
Nominal Pressure PN,MPa
PN ≤ 1.0MPa PN ≤ 0.6 MPa
16 3.0
20 3.0
25 3.0
32 3.0 3.0
40 3.7 3.0
50 4.6 3.0
63 5.8 3.8
75 6.8 4.5
90 8.2 5.4
110 10.0 6.6
125 11.4 7.4
140 12.7 8.3
160 14.6 9.5
180 16.4 10.7
200 18.2 11.9
225 20.5 13.4
250 22.7 14.8
280 25.4 16.6
315 28.6 18.7
355 32.2 21.1
400 36.4 23.7
450 40.9 26.7
500 45.5 29.7
560 50.9 33.2
630 57.3 37.4