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HDPE fittings, also known as polyethylene fittings or polyethylene fittings, are used for the connection of HDPE piping systems.
Usually,HDPE fittings include : coupling, reducer, equal tee, reducing tee, elbow 45 degree, elbow 90 degree, stub end, flange, ball valve, end cap and so on
PUHUI HDPE fittings are fully compliant with ISO4427 / AS / NSZ 4130 / BS EN 12201 / SABS / UL standards.
PUHUI can supply HDPE fittings in various sizes from DN20mm to DN630mm, including: HDPE electrofusion fittings, HDPE butt fusion fittings, PP compression fittings, HDPE custom fittings.
PUHUI HDPE fittings are made of high quality new PE100 raw material and are mainly used for HDPE pipes in water, oil and gas pipeline systems.

HDPE accessories available from PUHUI include:

  • HDPE Pipes. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR7.4, with size from DN16mm-2000mm
  • HDPE Butt Fusion fittings. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR6, with size from DN63mm-2000mm
  • HDPE Electrofusion fittings. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR9, with size from DN25mm-630mm
  • HDPE fabricated fittings. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR7.4, with size from DN63mm-1600mm
  • PP Compression fittings. Pressure rating: SDR26-SDR9, with size from DN20mm-250mm
  • HDPE Special customized fittings. Pressure rating: SDR26-SDR7.4, with size from DN110mm-2000mm

Advantages of HDPE fittings

  • Non-toxic, hygienic

  • Corrosion resistance

  • High toughness

  • Excellent flexibility

  • Good wear resistance

  • Low costs

  • Long service life

  • Eco-friendly and reusable

  • Small flow resistance

  • Convenient construction

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