Puhui HDPE Pipes and fittings are considered the best choice for various projects because of their high strength, light weight, ease of handling, transportation and installation. The products also have high flexibility, high impact resistance and pressure resistance in low temperature environments.

HDPE pipes and fittings produced by Puhui Pipeline include:

  • HDPE Pipes. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR7.4, with size from DN16mm-2000mm
  • HDPE Butt Fusion fittings. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR6, with size from DN63mm-2000mm
  • HDPE Electrofusion fittings. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR9, with size from DN25mm-630mm
  • HDPE fabricated fittings. Pressure rating: SDR41-SDR7.4, with size from DN63mm-1600mm
  • PP Compression fittings. Pressure rating: SDR26-SDR9, with size from DN20mm-250mm
  • HDPE Special customized fittings. Pressure rating: SDR26-SDR7.4, with size from DN110mm-2000mm

HDPE pipes and fittings are widely used in:

  1. urban water pipeline systems, landscaping water supply networks.
  2. oil and gas transmission, gas extraction systems.
  3. dredging pipeline projects (mineral sand and sediment transportation)
  4. fire-fighting systems.
  5. electric power communication threading conduit.
  6. tunnel escape and ventilation engineering pipelines.
  7. Industrial raw material transportation pipeline network, industrial and domestic sewage discharge.
  8. Agricultural irrigation and aquaculture projects and other fields.

Advantages of HDPE pipes

  • Good wear resistance

  • Excellent flexibility

  • Low cost

  • Long service life

  • Recyclable, environmentally friendly

  • Green environmental protection

  • Corrosion resistance
  • No leakage
  • High toughness
  • Crack resistance
  • hdpe pipe forwater supply
  • hdpe pipe forwater supply

HDPE Water Pipe

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HDPE Sewage & Drainage Pipe

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HDPE Natural Gas Pipe

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HDPE Conduit pipe

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HDPE Underground Fire Pipes

HDPE underground fire pipes are manufactured complying to ISO 4427 (PE100) and ANSI/AWWA C906 (PE4710) standards. Puhui produce and supply moulded and segmented fittings as per ISO and AWWA standards under stringent

HDPE Dredging Pipe

Puhui HDPE dredging pipe are used to the removal of material (sludge, mud, sand and sediment) from the depths of the oceans, seas, harbors, lakes and rivers and the ponds. Due

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