PP Compression Coupling is made of polypropylene material and is available in sizes from 16mm od to 110mm od,The fittings are designed to join two polyethylene (PE) pipes of the same diameter together, easily and quickly without gluing or solvent welding.
Our range of PP compression fittings features a multi-phase black polypropylene body suitable for high temperatures, with polyacetal resin compression rings and blue PP nuts to accommodate UV light and system heat. Depending on the diameter of the fitting, these fittings also use acrylonitrile rubber or lip gaskets.

Name PP compression coupling
Size(mm) DN20-110mm
Working pressure at 20 ° C PN16: 20-63mm,PN10: 75-110mm
Material High quality PP-raw mateiral
Colours Blue and black
Standard EN 712/713/715/911; ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459
Sample Available
The PP compression fitting is a pipe fitting that is mechanically attached. To ensure a perfect hydraulic seal in a pressurized dispensing structure, PP compression fittings require physical forces to form a seal or create alignment. Unlike traditional hot melt for HDPE pipes, PP compression accessories offer a quick, simple and simple new installation method.
PP compression fittings are widely used for water supply and irrigation. PUHUI PP compression joints are manufactured in accordance with EN 712/713/715/911; ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459. The fittings can be mounted on HDPE pipes in accordance with ISO 11922; DIN 8072/8074; UNE 53131. Threaded versions are manufactured in accordance with ISO 7 and DIN 2999.

Mark Part Name Material Color
A Cap High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B) Blue
B Clinching Ring POM resin White
C Blocking Bush High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B) Black
D “O” Ring Gasket NBR rubber Black
E Body High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B) Black

Advantages of PP Compression Coupling

  • Supplies PP compression fittings of various sizes: PUHUI supplies PP compression fittings of various sizes from DN20mm to DN110mm. PP compression fittings include: PP compression flange, PP compression tee, PP compression reducer, PP compression ball valve, PP compression direct, PP compression elbow 45 degrees, PP compression elbow 90 degrees, PP Compression male elbow, PP Clamp Saddle, PP Compression female elbow, PP Compression male tee, PP Compression Female Tee PP Compression Reducing Coupling and so on.
  • Customized: Can be customized according to requirements, our PP compression parts are made of high quality PP-B, mainly used in HDPE water, oil and gas pipeline systems.
  • EN/ISO: PP compression fittings are fully compliant with EN 712/713/715/911; ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459.

Specifications of PP Compression Coupling

PP Compression fittings are supplied from DN20-DN110mm.

Size Packing Qty/cartons Packing size GW NW
(mm) (PCS) (M) (M) (m) (KGS) (KGS)
PP compression coupling
20 168 0.5 0.3 0.265 12.80 12.10
25 100 0.5 0.3 0.24 11.70 11.00
32 68 0.5 0.3 0.265 11.38 10.68
40 30 0.5 0.3 0.24 9.55 8.85
50 22 0.5 0.3 0.28 11.39 10.69
63 11 0.5 0.3 0.265 9.56 8.86
75 8 0.5 0.3 0.24 8.82 8.12
90 6 0.45 0.35 0.31 11.54 10.84
110 6 0.56 0.38 0.445 19.97 19.27