Mattias is the sales manager of an international company specialised in temporary water infrastructure, they are currently building the temporary water infrastructure for the Tokio Olympic games.However, due to the blockage of the Suez Canal, they are currently experiencing serious delays in getting their PP compression fittings in containers on board.
In order to complete the project in time, they had to find Puhui through the website Because of the tight schedule, they needed a quick delivery in Tokyo by April 15. Here is the inquiry message:

PP Compression Fittings in Tokyo

  • CF 50mm Straight x 50
  • CF 75mm Straight x 100
  • CF 90mm Straight x 150
  • CF 90mm x CF 63mm (reducer) x 20
  • CF 25mm x M 1″ x 150
  • CF 32mm x M 1 ¼” x 100
  • CF 40mm x M 1 ¼” x 150
  • CF 50mm x M 1 ½” x 50
  • CF 63mm x M 2″ x 60
  • CF 90mm x M 3″ x 30
  • CF 40mm Tee Equal x 50
  • CF 40mm Tee x M 1 ¼” x 30
  • CF 63mm Tee x M 2″ x 30
  • CF 90mm Tee x M 2″ x 30


After receiving this inquiry, our sales manager, freedy, immediately contacted Mattias via whatsapp and communicated the specific needs of the project, and because of the urgency of the project, the goods would be shipped to Tokyo by air. Afterwards, freedy sent a quote via email ,  Mattias was satisfied with the quotation and made a deposit immediately.

Although the value of this order is not very big, it is very significant for Puhui and we feel very honored to contribute to the Olympics.