Puhui Hdpe water supply pipes shipped to UAE

Yesterday, Puhui factory workers were busy all day, until 3:00 a.m. the next day, 14 containers of Hdpe pipes were packed, just to deliver the goods to the hands of UAE customers as early as possible.

Hdpe water supply pipes shipped to Dubai, UAE

Communicate Hdpe pipe details with customers

The UAE customer Richard Ngwenya found our sales manager May Zhai a year ago, he sent a form saying he needed HDPE water supply pipe, but the parameters of the pipe were not very detailed, no specific caliber, quantity, pressure, application, etc., so our sales manager May immediately sent an email to the customer to confirm the parameters of the HDPE pipe, with the Puhui product brochure and the price list of Hdpe pipe and fittings. After that, through whatsapp, May had an in-depth communication with the UAE customer to determine the parameters, details and specific applications of the pipe.

Hdpe water supply pipes

Hdpe water supply pipes parameters

After our sales manager May Zhai sent the quotation for the product, Richard Ngwenya and their sales manager communicated several times and then called to confirm the order, and then confirmed the delivery time, payment method, etc. and made a 30% advance payment. The following are the parameters of the Hdpe water supply pipe ordered by the customer:

63mm PN12.5 392m
90mm PN16 12331m
110mm PN10 2944m
160mm PN10 21655m
225mm PN10 2397m
315mm PN10 4974m

Hdpe water supply pipes Manufacturer

Puhui Industry is a professional Hdpe water supply pipe supplier, established in 1988, our products have passed wras certification, UL certification, etc., and meet the requirements of customers for various drinking water, our Hdpe water supply pipe Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and many other countries and regions.

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