1. PE material is polyethylene, is the largest amount of plastic materials in the species, it is a polymer material synthesized from polyethylene.
  2. It is basically divided into two categories: low density polyethylene LDPE (lower strength); high density polyethylene HDPE.
  3. PE material is divided into five grades according to the international unified standard: PE32 grade, PE40 grade, PE63 grade, PE80 grade and PE100 grade.
  4. for the production of water supply pipe PE pipe for high-density polyethylene HDPE, its grade is PE80, PE100 two (based on the minimum required strength Minimum Required Strength abbreviation MRS).
  5. MRS of PE80 reaches 8MPa; MRS of PE100 reaches 10MPa.
  6. MRS is the strength of pipe subjected to circumferential tensile stress (calculated value according to international standard test).

hdpe pipe for water supply