Features of polyethylene pipe

Polyethylene pipe is a practical and durable solution for a country house, vacation home or business. This material, unlike metal, cast iron or concrete, has a smooth internal structure that ensures a fast and uninterrupted flow of liquid substances. In addition, because there is no roughness on the inside, there is no possibility of sludge build-up. Polyethylene does not corrode – a property that reliably protects the surface from rusting.

HDPE pipe type

Different manufacturers produce a wide range of modified HDPE pipes, each of which is indicated in the specifications.

  • SDR – strength index obtained from the ratio of diameter to wall thickness.
  • PN – the value defining the working pressure at an ambient temperature of +20°C.
  • S — strength classification, i.e. the ratio of stress to constant pressure.
  • MRS — long-term strength index, in MPa, defining the product characteristics.

Applications of Hdpe pipes in the Philippines

The fields of application of low pressure polyethylene are diverse – from the transport of drinking water to the needs of the technical industry. The most demanded area of its application is the supply of drinking water. For this purpose pressure products are used, which are marked with a blue stripe on their outer surface. Municipal organizations are installing pipes made of HDPE throughout.

HDPE pipe application
Also products are in demand in other areas.

  • Gas supply pipe : Marked by a yellow stripe. Performs better than metal in operation because of the high density of the walls and fire safety.
  • Sewage pipe : Good for drains due to its solid base, resistance to aggressive media and sound insulation.
  • Drainage pipe : The high technical capacity of the material ensures smooth site operations and reliable control of groundwater.
  • Mining pipe : Polyethylene is an indispensable material for the manufacture of casing pipes for wells and pits.
  • Electrical insulation. Durable fire- and corrosion-resistant bases protect conductors from external factors.

In addition, technical HDPE pipe can be used for pumps in wastewater treatment plants, non-pressure sewers, irrigation and land recycling systems.

HDPE Pipe Prices in the Philippines

The price of polyethylene products from different manufacturers varies depending on the raw material, production technology, strength and size, and hdpe pipes have price advantages and longer service life compared to traditional metal pipes.
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HDPE pipe manufacturer in the Philippines

HDPE pipe manufacturer

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