PE pipe welding machine fixture fixed alignment

Place the two PE pipes on the fixture, adjust the height of the two pipes, so that the center axis of the two pipes is basically at the same level, clamped solid, and then adjust the alignment through the fixture so that the two welded pipes are perfectly aligned to minimize misalignment, which can improve the quality of welding and prevent eccentricity from causing the joints to be poorly welded and gas-tight.

PE pipe end cutting

Put the milling cutter in the middle of the PE pipe, adjust the fixture so that the end face of the pipe fitting is tight, use the milling cutter to cut the end face of the pipe fitting oxidation layer and impurities to ensure that the butt end face is flat, smooth and free of impurities.

End face cutting to prevent its pollution damage, generally will be immediately followed by welding, so in the cutting operation, while the heating plate can be energized preheat.

PE pipe end face melting

PE pipe end face cutting and cleaning, adjust the hdpe pipe welding machine fixture so that the two pipe fittings end face to form a distance, quickly pull out the milling knife, and preheat the heating plate vertically into the middle of the two pipe fittings, adjust the fixture so that the pipe fittings end face and heating plate tight, the pipe fittings end face melting. Note that the heating plate heating time winter and summer are different, to the two ends of the melting length of 1-2mm is better.

PE pipe fusion butt

To pipe end melt suitable, the heating plate will be taken away, quickly let the two molten ends stick together, and adjust the fixture to make it tight, melt butt should always be under pressure to carry out, rolled edge width of 2-4mm is appropriate. To ensure the quality of docking, the operation should be rapid and reduce the switching time.

PE pipe cooling, connection is complete

Keep the docking pressure unchanged, and so the interface slowly cooled, cooling time to hand touch the raw edge of the volume, do not feel hot shall prevail.
After cooling is complete, you can release the hdpe welding machine clamps, PE pipe butt fusion connection is complete.
PE pipe should be connected after the appearance of inspection, rework immediately if it is not qualified; qualified then you can proceed to the next melt connection.