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HDPE Drainage Plastic Pipe for sale

During the arrangement of the deep drainage system, great emphasis is always given to pipes. After all, they perform several functions at once, without which the operation of the entire structure as a whole is simply impossible. Anyone who is going to make a system that will last more than a decade should, first of

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What is the difference between PE80 pipe and PE100 pipe ?

PE material is polyethylene, is the largest amount of plastic materials in the species, it is a polymer material synthesized from polyethylene. It is basically divided into two categories: low density polyethylene LDPE (lower strength); high density polyethylene HDPE. PE material is divided into five grades according to the international unified standard: PE32 grade, PE40

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Hdpe Pipes for sale in Philippines

Features of polyethylene pipe Polyethylene pipe is a practical and durable solution for a country house, vacation home or business. This material, unlike metal, cast iron or concrete, has a smooth internal structure that ensures a fast and uninterrupted flow of liquid substances. In addition, because there is no roughness on the inside, there is

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How to choose the right HDPE Cable Duct Pipe ?

Technical parameters of HDPE Cable Duct Pipe Permissible operating temperature - from -25 ºC to +70 ºC. Permissible installation temperature - not lower than -30 ºС. Polyethylene density - 0,949-0,953 g/cm3. Combustibility class - B1, B2. Nominal pressure depending on the type of pipes: light - 0,25 MPa; medium-light - 0,4 MPa; Medium - 0.6

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Hdpe pipe welding machine Operation process video

PE pipe welding machine fixture fixed alignment Place the two PE pipes on the fixture, adjust the height of the two pipes, so that the center axis of the two pipes is basically at the same level, clamped solid, and then adjust the alignment through the fixture so that the two welded pipes are perfectly

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Hdpe gas pipeline characteristics, dimensions and connection methods

The following grades of low pressure polyethylene are used for gas pipelines: PE100+, PE100, PE80. PE63 is usually not used. Permissible pressures are respectively 2.0, 1.6 MPa, 1.25 MPa (with maximum wall thickness, with other thickness may be lower values of nominal pressure). Numbers 100 and 80 indicate the minimum long-term strength in bar (0.1

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What are the connection methods of HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe?

Sleeve double-port socket The joint closure is sealed by rubber ring to ensure its sealing performance. Features: Economical and convenient. Mainly used for the connection of OD160 and below double-wall corrugated pipes. Heat shrinkage sleeve connection Heat shrink sleeve is composed of reinforced fiber heat shrink material, hot melt adhesive and installation accessories. Heat shrinkage

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Performance of HDPE pipes in earthquakes

Can you imagine being without clean water, sewer, or gas for weeks or even days after an earthquake while broken pipes are repaired? When you're faced with an impending disaster, isn't it natural to take steps to prevent or mitigate it? Believe it or not, our towns and major metropolitan areas are on the cusp

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What is the difference between PE63, PE80 and PE100?

The most important differences between PE63, PE80 and PE100 are density and the minimum required strength MRS (Minimum Required Strength). MRS is the calculated circumferential tensile stress (circular) in the pipe wall when the pipe ruptures 50 years after being continuously applied to the polyethylene resin pipe wall. Comparison of PE63, PE80 and PE100 Hdpe

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